U2F freezes Chrome on desktop

I secure my BW account with a YubiKey 5 via FIDO U2F. I also have YubiKey OTP Security Key enabled so I can use it with my Android devices. Anytime I’m prompted for my security key on Chrome on desktop, whether the web vault or extension, a number of frustrating things happen.

  • Chrome’s security key prompt pops up over BW’s. I can’t select “Remember me” on BW without closing this box, which reopens almost immediately, so I have to be fast. Chrome will usually freeze up anyway.

  • If I don’t have my key handy and spend more than a few seconds fumbling with it and inserting it, Chrome freezes afterwards and has to be restarted. It’s a weird kind of freeze, in that the system doesn’t consider it unresponsive, but I can’t click on anything. It’s as though a prompt window is hiding somewhere waiting for input, but it’s nowhere to be found.

All other sites and services work fine with my security key; BW is the only one that’s a consistently frustrating experience.

Anyone else having these problems?

Yes! Exactly the same for me.