Two Usernames and One Password

Hello all,

I am new here, just came from LP.
I am sorry, if this is something obvious for you, but I didn’t find it anywhere.

Is it possible to use one BW pasword entry (for one site/service) and update it with another username record? Like it is mentioned here:

I mean, let’s take e.g. Steam as a example - once you are registering to Steam, you are first creating account with e-mail and password, and then under this same service and with this same password you have to create an username. Both e-mail and username are connected to the same site, same service and share same account/password, but there is still no option(?) in BW how to put all this into one password entry, right? I still need to have two entries in BW - one with email and the password, second with the same password and now with the username?

Thanks and sorry if I am missing something!

You could add a custom field, e.g. “Email”. That way you can have username, password and email address on one entry.

But this won’t happen automatically, right? When creating the username, BW will offer me to create another entry with no possibility to add this to already existing one, or am I missing something?
So I should manually go to the vault, copy the data from the new one, go to the first one, add the data there, and then erase the second, redundant entry, right? Or is there some more sophisticated way how to work with this? :slight_smile:
Maybe the best way how to deal with it, would be just accept that for some sites/services the would be more than just one entry in BW vault.

And thanks for your replies!

Either way works - two entries or manually edit one entry then delete the other. Whichever way works best for you! I would probably go for having one entry in this case.