Two step authentication isn't sending emails anymore

Not sure what I’m doing wrong but I have set up two step authentication using email as the provider, but after the first log in, it doesn’t seem to require a verification code.

Initially it seems to work, that is, it sends a confirmation code to my email address when I log into my account on a new device. But after that, I only seem to need to enter the master password and I can access my account without receiving an authentication email.

Am I missing a setting somewhere?

I’ve set “vault timeout action” to “logout” on my accounts on both the website and the desktop app, but, although I am logged out fully from both, when I log back in, I just need to enter my password.

Any thoughts?

You probably checked the “Remember Me” option when you first logged in, which remembers your device as authorized for 30 days. Go to the web vault and deauthorize all sessions.

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