Two Questions to get me started w/BitWarden

Just getting started, successfully imported my big vault. Yay! But I have a couple questions I can’t find help with in the help videos or pages here. Hoping someone will have advice:

  1. Should I install both the MAC desktop/native app and the Safari browser (my main one though I’ll put on the backup browser I use too)?

I THINK I should have both so I’ll have offline access but I already installed the Safari extension and now when I go to BitWarden’s client download page, I can’t get to the desktop/native app through the link there. Instead it takes me back to the App Store with the OPEN icon there indicating I already have the browser extension (which I knew). I don’t see a way to get the desktop/native app. I looked for other online discussions and see in 2020ish or so, there were some issues with these 2 clients and now wonder if the browser download automatically includes the desktop/native .app too? Looks like that was a good guess because I just found the .app in Applications & dragged it to my doc & opened up fine! But I’m perplexed as to why there was no notification 2 things were installed and not just the extension. Solved the hide&seek questions, so my final aspect of this concern: Is this sound practice to have both app & browser extension on MacBook? Just feeling a little insecure not finding more detail on them working together, augmenting each other, etc. I like to understand :slight_smile:

  1. Is it posible to have both a PIN and a Biometric option to Unlock the vault or must you choose just one? I think 1 is the answer but can’t find that either.

Any help appreciated.

Gee! I need to reply to myself! I just found another Help page that actually explains the desktop app is packaged with the Safari browser extension. So, mystery solved, wish the App Store had a notice on that little feature :wink: But still wondering all the advantages of the desktop app for anyone inclined to offer an opinion.

Oh and question 2 still open.

Hi Kat - welcome!

  1. I suspect that most people use the Bitwarden browser extension the most on the desktop, and between the browser extension and web vault, you can do everything that the desktop app can do. So from that perspective, you don’t really need the desktop app at all.

However, if you want to use biometrics on your MacBook, you will need the desktop app - it is required to perform the actual biometric verification that is then communicated to your web browser for the vault unlock.

  1. Yes, you can setup both a PIN unlock and Biometric unlock. Just create the PIN unlock first, then enable the biometric unlock and you should be presented with both options.

Hi David! Thanks so much, exactly what I needed. You’re awesome! :1st_place_medal::trophy::star:Hopefully, this is my biggest hurdle in the transition from LastPass which has just been a nightmare recently. What a relief to be here, finally moved to a great app with top ratings and in a caring community alongside it. Have a great rest of your weekend :sunglasses: