Two factor authentication with self hosted Bitwarden

While there seems to be a wealth of info for Bitwarden users, I’m not sure what authentication options are avaliable for self hoster Bitwarden sites.

I would appreciate any hints/links to docs or how others have done this.

Almost everything available to individuals with a premium subscription, including two-step authentication, is available to self-hosted users if you purchase a license. I believe the only thing you miss out on while self-hosting is the Free Organization.

See the feature comparison matrix here, and note the row that defines self-hosting options:

Thanks, I checked it out and it looks like I can use email as a method.

Not sure how to enable it as the only option I can find takes me to the bitwarden site, not my self hosted.

Instructions are in the help guide here:

Thanks, I looked at the docs before, but I don’t have these options on my self-hosted site

You will want to set up 2FA login via the web vault initially, you can then login to any client such as the web vault, mobile app, and as it seems you are using the browser extension.

So in your case you will want to go to the URL of your self-hosted instance, i.e bitwarden.example.domain and login to the Bitwarden web-vault via the browser directly.
Once set up you should be able to authenticate with any 2FA login method on supported clients.

Aaarghh, forgot that I can log into the vault from the browser.

Thanks for your help