Two Factor Authentication with options

Hi All,

My wife and I would like to add two factor authentication, but would like to have options available when logging in such as a couple text numbers or emails to send the authentication code. This will make it accessible for both of us from our phones or computers. We have this type of authentication through other secure sites and it works very well. Just not sure how to setup multiple authentication methods/options. Pretty sure that we would do it through an Organization Vault. We appreciate any suggestions.

Assuming that you and your wife have your own Bitwarden accounts (as you should), then you will each have your own two-factor set-up (i.e., your 2FA choices will not affect her 2FA choices, or vice versa).

Bitwarden offers two methods of 2FA for free accounts (2FA by email, or using TOTP codes from an authenticator app), and several additional 2FA options for premium accounts.

You can set up more than one 2FA method, but when logging in, you are first presented with the most secure of the 2FA methods that you have enabled. You can then click a link that says “Use another two-step login method”, which will bring up a list of all of your enabled 2FA methods, and allow you to select which one you would like to use.

If you choose to get 2FA authentication codes by email, you cannot configure multiple email addresses — the authentication code will always be sent to the email address that is used for your Bitwarden login.

Thank you! My wife and I just share the same account (we don’t need separate accounts). We’re open to multiple accounts or upgrading if that accomplishes the same goal of both of us having access with two factor authentication. I appreciate your suggestions

Assuming that you are not a Premium member (or even if you are) you can use something like Authy where the TOTP secrets are safely stored. The Authy account could easily be on both phones. When BW asks for your 6-8 digit code, which Authy would display on both phones, either of you could then enter the correct code and gain access. Easy to do!!

If you care about doing things by the book, you should note the Bitwarden’s Terms of Service does not allow a single login to be used by more than one person. That being said, I know that some Bitwarden users do share their accounts, like you and your spouse are doing, and I have not heard any reports of the no-sharing policy being enforced. [In this context, I should also clarify that I am not affiliated with Bitwarden in any way (other than as a customer), so my statements are my own.]

If you do set up separate accounts for you and your wife, you can still have vault items that are shared, by creating an Organization vault and placing the shared items in a Collection within the Organization vault.

Thanks for the info. I did not intend to break any terms of service. I’ll look into setting up separate accounts. Thanks

@BtwdUser, even if we don’t take into account the above mentioned Terms of Service, Bitwarden actively promotes it’s Free Organization tier, which you can easily create and in which you can then enroll your wife’s account.

This setup (one account for each of you, plus a free organization of which both of you are members) will only improve your current password handling, as you will then be able to explicitly share items with one another, while still having passwords that are private to you.
And even if you’re not into having private passwords anyway, simply share all of them via the organization’s collections.

Do give it a try, it’s really worth it.