Two-factor authentication on iPhone app

I’m a new Bitwarden user.

I’ve downloaded the IPhone app, which will be my primary means of using Bitwarden, and would now like to enable two-factor authentication.

From within settings, I go to two-factor authentication, and I am forwarded to the Bitwarden website, where I then login and set up two-factor. Leaving the website, I then re-open the Bitwarden app only to discover that it hasn’t been enabled on the app. It is now set up on the website, but this change isn’t propagated to the app.

Is two-factor authentication not available on the IPhone app? If so, that seems like a pretty big flaw for a password vault.

Note: Your question may already be answered in the Bitwarden Help Center.

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Hi @Ericfromcowtown - another Calgarian?

To help with your question, you will have to logout of the mobile app before 2FA will start to be requested. Hopefully that solves your issue. Cheers!

Great, that did it! Yes, my username gives away where I’m from!

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