Twitter auto-fill issues

@VVR you can use the links above to report specific auto-fill failure issues for the team to investigate.

I can reproduce the issue when using russian language:
Auto-fill works on english version:
It also works for italian version:

Thanks for confirmation @Maxim, for now You can try using linked custom fields or tweet @TwitterSupport or use the Twitter support page to share details with the Twitter team.

I have been having the same problem as OP, is it not possible to disable Bitwarden just for Twitter on Android given the prevalence and Twitter’s inaction?

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Hey @pwn what language are you using Twitter on?

Hi, I am using Japanese.

You can edit the login item for your Twitter account and disable Autofill on Page Load for that item.

I already know how to use custom linked fields to fill fields that are labeled diffently. But how can I use custom linked fields to prevent Bitwarden from asking to save search inputs in android Twitter app? I’ve been trying, but had no luck so far.

I think “custom linked field” is not helpful for the matter.
I found an article, and there is already a example for twitter.

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@Luu44 Welcome to the forum!

Have you tried setting up a custom text field that has a custom field name matching the id, name, aria-label, or placeholder attribute of the Twitter Search field? If you then use the value Test as the custom field value, what happens when you auto-fill? Does Bitwarden transfer the value Test to the search field?

I had already given up, but it looks like your suggestion did the trick! Thank you!

I got the same issue with Twitter/X app when on search section

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