Disney auto-fill issues

I have an issue with BW not auto populating passwords into two Disney websites. https://disneyland.disney.go.com and https://disneyvacationclub.disney.go.com These are the only two sites I know of that affect my family. For me, this is with either Safari or Chrome on any of my Macs or PCs. For my wife, she has this same issue with both Chrome and Firefox on a Windows10 computer.

When we go to either of the two sites mentioned above, BW is ready to auto populate the needed user name, which in this case is an email address. This part works on all browsers that we use in either OS X/PCs. Once you click on the BW browser extension to input the usernames, you click on CONTINUE. In the email box, I copied the input and it reads: InputIdentityFlowValue. I’m pretty positive clicking on CONTINUE does not take you to another webpage. I think.

After BW enters the value and you are successful, you’re then greeted with: “Good news, you already have an account.” It appears that it is a new page but like I said, I don’t believe it is. This is where BW can’t input the password into the password field. You can see that BW is still detecting the page. The password box contains this when using BW copy custom field name feature: InputPassword.

I’ve tried using some of the steps contained in this article: How to Configure How URLs Are Matched, but as far as I can tell, nothing seems to work. (I couldn’t link the article because I am too new :slightly_smiling_face:)

Hopefully it’s just something the I’m doing wrong. BW has been rock solid. Otherwise, I would hear it from the spouse! :blush:

@artsvdo Welcome to the forum!

I moved your post into its own topic, because it is unrelated to Twitter. Also, the comment you had responded to was over a year old — thus, because the Bitwarden code has changed significantly in the meantime, it is unlikely that your issue is identical to the Disney+ issue that had been mentioned in passing by @VVR.

Please let us know specifically what websites you are having issues with, and what behavior your are observing.

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Thank you! I edited my post. Thank you for your patience!

Thank you for the detailed information. Unfortunately, I don’t have any Disney accounts, so I will not be able to troubleshoot the password auto-fill issue.

However, on the disneyland.disney.go.com sign-in page, there is a link at the bottom that says “Looking for username login?”. On this alternative login page, you can still enter an email as a login, and Bitwarden’s auto-fill works (for both email and password) using Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+L (or by clicking on the login item in the Tab view of the browser extension window). You will get a warning about iframes, but if you add https://cdn.registerdisney.go.com as a URI to your login item, then you can auto-fill without seeing the warning.

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Thank you! I appreciate the help! It’s just a minor annoyance. It’s only two out of hundreds of sites that work!

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I would encourage you to report the problems by submitting this Google form:

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