Truly passwordless with FIDO2 security keys

This has been brought up a few times already, but it’s surprising that in 2022 Bitwarden still does not offer the option to go fully passwordless using one or more FIDO2 security keys as backup. I thought this would have been implemented by now, especially by a solution that wants to get rid of password use. Now I cannot offer it as a solution to my clients where passwordless is a requirement.

I don’t think this can be implemented given that the master password is required to make bitwarden be end to end encrypted which is fundamental to any password manager.


Hello @Na_Nii welcome to Bitwarden community forums !

Your request has already been covered in another feature request created earlier, so kindly leave your comments in that thread itself. It would make things easier.

This thread is asking for a different feature. The thread we already have is asking for Yubikey-based unlock which does not require will FIDO2 integration.