Trouble accessing

All day long I’ve been having issues accessing the service over phone and computers (iOS/macOS/W10, different ISPs, bandwidths 30/50/100Mbps). I’m pretty sure I don’t have any network-related issues, rather I’m wondering if there’s any issue accessing outside the US (or it is a CloudFare issue)?

Anyway, I got a little freaked out, less that 100% of reliability doesn’t cut it for me (not if I got left out of my accounts).

I really don’t want to either self-host (pretty much same thing can happen) or go back to Pass (nothing wrong with it, it’s perfect for me, I just found out about Bitwarden and it was love at first sight).

Any one experiencing this issues? is just me?

During the day in iOS:


They posted on Twitter today to say there were issues with connecting to cloud services, including sync. Appeared to be fixed shortly afterwards.

Thnx mate, honestly I’ve stayed out of Twitter for a while now.

Between than incident and the fact that browser is basically a huge neon sign that says: “come and (f)hack me”, browser extensions are an insecurity extravaganza and that i’ve been pwned, i’m not sure if my crush on Bitwarden will survive.

I don’t want to end up writing some sort of sync between Bitwarden and Pass, but I feel uncertain. I love every aspect of Bitwarden, just hate that other people makes things hard for honest folks :confused:.

Definition of irony is that right now that I went back to Pass (GitHub backended), there’s an issue with GH:

Which in turn will innevitable lead me to write a sync for fallback :roll_eyes:

Question now is: what will be the best approach?