Tricky Bank Login

Hoping someone might have a suggestion here. As a bookkeeper I’m constantly logging into various bank accounts. There is one in particular that has a difficult log in process.

The first page requires a Company ID and then User ID. Once that is entered I’m prompted for a text code. Once that is entered I get to the page with the password.

Right now this is a manual login process copying and pasting each credential over.

I can’t get Bitwarden to autofill correctly.

Any ideas/suggestions??

If this is all contained in one login, aka a single entry for that website, or multiple separate logins for that same bank possibly multiple clients with the same online banking portal but different company IDs, username and password.

I would imagine your best option would be to use one or multiple custom fields options for the login entry.
Some logins don’t use a simple username/password login as you mentioned and custom fields can be a good way to store and fill certain elements in the webpage specific to that page.

Here is another resource that may be helpful.

Another thing I face from time to time. Question: is the url the same for the second phase of the bank login? On some sites I have to enter TWO urls into the BW account in the vault. In that way BW will see both urls allowing for auto-fill. This works for me. It might not be the same as you described above. Just a suggestion if there are multiple urls involved during the login.