Travel Mode

A feature I really liked from 1password (before switching) was “Travel Safe Vaults”. Essentially, you could enable travel mode from the website and all vaults not marked safe for travel would be removed. This would prevent border control from sniffing out your passwords. I was thinking bitwarden could have a similar feature, but it would instead lock out (and sign out) logins from everywhere except the web app.


You already can signout from all devices except the web vault. Simply go to you Account -> Preferenes -> Recently Used Devices and click “Log out all”


Ah, I guess this could act as a psuedo-fix.


If Bitwarden want to beat 1Password in both security and feature, Bitwarden should implement this soon! This feature is certainly an useful one!


I am going to +1 and bump this. Once people start traveling again this is going to be a hot item


@Mike Yes, exactly!

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Could you not just delete Bitwarden from your device and once you get to where you need to be re-install it?

This is an absolute must for a good PW manager


Yup but then you may not have the passwords you deem safe when you need them. ie: travel specific passwords.

I have heard some people mention they would like Bitwarden to have an offline mode so they can use their passwords when on the road. if this feature does come to life, having a travel mode option would be a great feature to protect your data from ending up in the wrong hands if your device gets stolen.

This will be used mainly for people who go to high crime/high-security areas where they may lose access to their phone.


Bumping this up to see if there are plans from developers to implement this.

The problem is that this alone is not enough if you’re traveling to a country where they can force you to log into your accounts (or if they can’t force you, deny entry if you won’t cooperate).

Bitwarden would have to add some form of plausible deniability, i.e., it shouldn’t be obvious that Bitwarden is in travel mode. For example, there should be a way to define a second “dummy” password that leads to a fake fault. (As a workaround today you could register a second account and populate it with sparse/fake data.)

EDIT: hidden sub-vaults would also be useful in other situations when someone is trying to extort your passwords … e.g., see the recent rise in physical attacks on cryptocurrency holders


I understand. With what you are proposing be similar to strongbox’s duress PIN feature. I note it has been proposed in a seperate thread. Duress PIN that opens dummy database

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Yeah that’s it.

Hope to see this function added to Bitwarden.

Yes, really needed.
Please consider it

+1 on this

Please add it!!

Feature name:

Travel Mode

What will this feature do?

It will remove sensitive data from your devices when you cross borders, and restore access with a click when you arrive.

What benefits will this feature bring?
Extra privacy and security when crossing borders

This is a feature 1Password has but I think it would be amazing to have it on Bitwarden too.

This should really be added. A decent amount of people say they wont leave 1Password unless their new password manager has something like this.

+1 to this. i’m using 1Password for company and Bitwarden for my personal accounts. Travel mode is very useful for me since I frequently travelling.