Transferring account from Lasspass to Birwarden problem

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I have export data from lasspass to bitwarden, on the web my vault, it shows that the data has been imported into BW, but on the extension there is no data imported under my vault?? please help

How about if you first check if anything actually was imported. Make an unencrypted export of your data from Bitwarden and then take a look at the file that was created.
To do this follow these steps:

  • Go to and log in
  • Next click onto image in the top left, then onto image in the upper part of the side bar on the left
  • Enter your Master Password and click onto image
  • Confirm by clicking once more onto image
  • Go to your download folder, find the latest file and open it up in Notepad.

Do you see anything familiar?

When done make sure to delete that file and to kick it out of the recycle bin.

I am trying to IMPORT into bitwarden, not export. As i mentioned, I do see imported content on web browser but the data is not imported into the plugin on browser.

Just to clarify, when you log into the Bitwarden website, you can see the data, but when you select the extension, you don’t see the data in the extension?

Thank you Paul for the Help. I was able to solve the problem. I closed the browser and opened back , I was able to get all the data in the extension.

I got that the 1st time. Please re-read my post. As my first line says: “How about if you first check if anything actually was imported.