Transfer Norton Password Manager data


Just signed up and I have far too many password store in my old password manager (Norton Password Manager) to transfer manually. I cannot see Norton Password Manager under the list of various password managers than bitwarden can import data from. I found this list in the help file “Import your data from another application”

Is there any way to import my passwords from Norton or is it going to have to be done manually?


I assume that Norton Password Manager has an export function. If it does then see if you can find a file type which it can export and which Bitwarden can import.

There may be some fiddling, but generally it works.

Thanks for your reply David.

I have managed to export the Norton data, it comes in this format from Norton:

Username, Password, Title, Login, URL, Notes

When importing into bitwarden, I still have to select one the the password managers from the previous list.

There is a bitwarden file type mentioned, can the norton file be translated/formatted into this? It’s looking like I’m probably going to have to manually input unless anyone has any ideas?

Thanks again

Presumably the file created is a CSV file. It should be able to read that into a spreadsheet and alter things like the arrangement of the columns and then save it into a format Bitwarden will import.

I have never done this so cannot help further, other than to suggest a read of the documentation which I have found useful when I wanted to find something out.

Try this:

  1. Export your Norton data as a CSV
  2. Follow the official instructions here to manually configure the CSV so that Bitwarden can understand it. Scroll past the list of password managers and see the instructions for “Generic CSV Format”.

Now you mention it ISTR doing just that.

I exported my password data from he various places it was, mostly web browsers, imported it into spreadsheets and used the information there or somewhere else to re-arrange it into the format Bitwarden wanted. Then I saved it in a suitable format and imported it into Bitwarden.

It was actually easier that I expected it to be and it worked very well, with very few odds and ends to tidy up. I kept the import files for a few weeks, just in case, then exterminated them and the intermediate files.