✅ Touch ID support for macOS

Hey! I’ve been following this thread in “a pinned tab” :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: for a few weeks, eagerly waiting to drop Lastpass once for all. According to the previous comment:

So, we‘ve finally got biometric support for Safari and Chromium-based browsers with the latest release.

Is this something that has just been recently added? Since I’m on the latest version on Desktop and browser but I can’t find any option to enable Touch ID (or Desktop app integration) between the two (as per the docs). Although TouchID works in the app only. Is this still pending?

Client updates will be available in the next few days :slight_smile:


Sorry, I should have provide a link with that. I was referring to the latest release notes which mention biometric support having been added to Firefox and Chromium-based browsers:



The docs are out now and we’re pushing clients as quickly as possible - the buttons will be there soon :metal:


Love it!
You definitely know how to raise a demand and make people eager! :slight_smile: I can’t wait! :heart_eyes_cat: Thank you, @tgreer

To all lovers of the TouchID feature, since we finally have it, I feel this is the topic to upvote now :smiley:


Ah ha, that is also part of the release this week :grin:


Yes, thank you once again! Nearly nothing to upvote now :smiley: as I said in the cross-linked topic.

Well, OsX issue… the version has been released (1.24.1) but if I try to enable the biometrics in the app, it tells that this only works when Bitwarden is installed from the App Store. Fair enough. I uninstall Bitwarden, install it from the App Store but now, the version is (outdated) 1.23.0, and no way to upgrade it :thinking:


I can confirm this: the App Store version is too old to support browser integration. But an App Store version is mandatory to get that support. Any timeline when that will be updated?

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It might already be in the process for review by apple, it always takes awhile to launch on apple’s app stores. I’d say; be patient, it’ll be there soon.

My quriosity is; why is this currently only available through the app store?


Looks like the Mac App Store version is now 1.24.1. I haven’t tried it yet. Some users on Reddit are saying they are having difficulty getting the Chrome extension to work.

I just installed version 1.24.1 from the mac App store, but I can’t use TouchId with safari, chrome or firefox. In the desktop app the browser integration and the verification for browser integrationa is enabled. Safari then shows that it is waiting for confirmation from the desktop, but nothing shows up. Chrome and firefox even say when trying to enable biometrics that the integration is not enabled at all.

Yes, I just tested and get the same with Firefox. Enabled in the desktop app, but the browser extension says it is not.

In a Github issue, the problem is already being looked at in more detail: Error while enabling browser integration. · Issue #665 · bitwarden/desktop · GitHub


Here also no touch id with Safari with the new Bitwarden version mac app store :frowning:

We’re working on some larger updates to Safari that will enable Touch ID :sunglasses:


Thank you for your post!

Feature name

  • Touchid Integration with the Browser Extension in Safari 14

Feature function

This will allow people to logon to the browser extension in Safari 14 using TouchID. Now that Safari supports a more standard extension framework

Related topics + references

Similar behavior to the recent existing functionality in Chrome.

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@Mike this will be available very soon!


This is currently queued up for testing and the next release, Add support for biometrics to Safari by Hinton · Pull Request #1775 · bitwarden/browser · GitHub