TOTP for Facebook fails

I am trying to slowly abandon Authy in favor of Bitwarden when it comes to TOTP.
But it all crashed when it came to Facebook.
I tried both methods> QR Code and manual copy paste of the key, but nothing: TOTP for Facebook never works.
Strange enough when I set up TOTP for Instagram (which is done from the same security settings page in facebook) it perfectly works.
I think you guys need to improve compatibility.


UPDATE: I tried with Authy and it fails too. I guess the issue is on the Facebook side.

Have you ensured that the system clock on your device has been synchronized to a time server lately? If your system clock is running fast or slow, it can cause this type of problem (TOTP = Time-based One-Time Password).

I had the same problems as you.
Eventually solved by setting everything up via the phone.

*Setting up 2FA via PC does not work…
*You can set up 2FA via the Facebook app (smartphone).

Afterwards on the PC, logging in with 2Fa succeeds

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@Doohie welcome to the forum!

The reason it works on your phone and not on your PC is that your PC clock was inaccurate, but your phone clock was accurate. You could have made it work on your PC by synchronizing the system clock to a time server.

After further testing, the TOTP security apparently does not work with bitwarden extension.
The 6 digit code you receive is not recognized.
I will try the time synchronization but I fear that this will not help us much further.
To be continued…