TOTP codes not working

A bunch of my TOTP tokens suddenly stopped working. This is the 2nd time it’s happened. It’s getting really annoying and I have no idea what’s causing it as I’m not changing the TOTP information at all. Some of the tokens that are breaking I haven’t even touched at all since I’ve added them.
It doesn’t matter which Bitwarden app (browser, PC, mobile, etc…) I use.
It’s making it impossible for me to sign in to some of my websites, and I need to fix this ASAP before it starts happening to more of them of which I can’t regain access to my account.

Check the accuracy of the system clock against a known time standard. TOTP stands for Time-based One-Time Password, and requires access to an accurate clock in order for the codes to be generated correctly.


That would have been it (my new computer had a very incorrect time lmao). Wow, thank you! I’ll have to remember this if it ever happens again. :pray: