TOTP codes form Lastpass

so I have imported all my data from LastPass, which includes authenticator codes for TOTP’s
but none of these work, not one.
I am having to generate new authenticator codes for every sites.

I was rather surprised that the TOTP codes were even included in the exported data, as I wasn’t expecting to be able to export these at all. Although the codes do look like complete garbage and look nothing like the authenticator codes you actually get when enabling 2FA the first time.

Were the TOTP secrets actually imported into the correct field in your Bitwarden vault? If you check the “Authenticator key (TOTP)” field just below the password field, does the key shown there match the key in your LastPass Authenticator?

Although the codes do look like complete garbage and look nothing like the authenticator codes you actually get when enabling 2FA the first time.

Where are you seeing the “garbage” codes? Are they in your LastPass export? When you view the “secret key” in the LastPass Authenticator, does it also look like “garbage” there? Or does the LastPass CSV export have non-garbage keys that match the non-garbage keys in your LastPass Authenticator, but it has turned to “garbage” when viewing the contents of the “Authenticator key (TOTP)” field in Bitwarden?

yes they were imported and BW is generating TOTP’s from it.
In LP you cannot view the original authenticator code/secret key, only the generated TOTP’s… it’s the OTP that is below the password field.
The authenticator code/secret key is what is generated by the website/app when you first enable 2FA, and is what you then paste into the authenticator app and what it uses to generate the OTP’s

What was exported from lastpass does not look like an authenticator code, it’s just garbage, which I assume is why it doesn;t work.

OK, I found out that you can at least view your authenticator keys in LastPass, if you have the Android app:

On the other hand, it seems that LastPass will not export the TOTP keys:


I already went to every site and reset 2FA to get a new secret key… PITA

Recommend to keep a backup of your TOTP keys outside of Bitwarden, either printed and stored safely or kept encrypted.

Google Authenticator allows you to export all your codes as a combined QR code. Print that sheet and you’re good to go.

Raivo OTP allows you to export as an encrypted zip (creates a file with keys and QR codes - very handy) and to store in Apple iCloud at the same time. Plus it has some very cool additional features.

Alternatively or additionally, you should print your Bitwarden 2FA recovery code to disable 2FA. You can then get all your TOTP keys from each login file.

I liked the LastPass Authenticator app but didn’t like the absence of export.

Redundancy will save your ass every time.

I keep most of my backup codes in the password manager as well now in the notes field.

I had so many issues with the LP mobile app, glad to be rid of it. They did not maintain it or improve it or add any new features, all you ever got was “we are working on it” for years…
didn’t really use the authenticator, as I didn;t want to be locked in, and I wasn’t sure it would still work if I canceled my LP account.
I use Microsoft Authenticator, as that does backup your data to your microsoft account, and can be restored on a new device.