TOTP behaviour is confusing on free accounts

When using a free account if you place a TOTP key / uri in the TOTP feild in the app/browser plugin it does not generate the key but does show the copy TOTP code icon in the copy/autofill menu which when clicked copies the key/uri instead of generating the code. Copying the key/uri does not seem like a good idea and this sort-of functioning gives the impression that the user did somthing wrong when filling out the TOTP key info.

I understand that this is a paid feature but this is not clear from the UI in the app/plugins. It would be helpful to have a prompt to let users know this is a paid feature in the app. I had to search for help on how to fix TOTP not working in bitwarden to get pointed to the page that reminded me it is a paid feature (I am now a premium user as the price is very reasonable and I’d like to support the project). But this feature just looks broken if you don’t know it is paid I can appreicate not wanting to make prompts that seem pushy for the paid version but the current behaviour is just confusing without that info that this is a paid feature.

Thanks for bitwarden I really like this project!

I think this is a very sensible suggestion. Allowing the secret to be saved in the free version allows for someone going from a paid to free version and back to paid without losing the information. It also allows people with a free version to put the secrets in knowing that they will then be used when they upgrade to a paid version. However, it should be very easy to not display, or grey out, the codes with the free version and prevent copying the field.

I didn’t think about ensuring smooth transitions between free/paid teir and keeping the keys saved when in the free version that’s a excellent point and it is definetly a good thing to have - I just think it needs some kind of prompt in the UI to let the user know that they are currently in the free teir and it’s not supposed to be generating codes right now so they know they have not made an error in setting it up.

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