TOTP authenticator

For one particular website with implemented TOTP authentication, I have specified the secret in the card of that site in BW, by making the picture of the barcode in BW app on the phone - which populated the field with the otpauth:// URL .

When I try to logon at that website, BW correctly finds the card, but context menu does not have the item “Copy verification code” - contrary to the article Bitwarden Authenticator (TOTP) | Bitwarden Help & Support

What am I missing?

Did the website prompt you to verify the TOTP code generated by Bitwarden? If so, where did you find the code that Bitwarden generated to submit for verification?

The website prompts for the code, which as I understand, is supposed to be generated by Bitwarden. The problem is that Bitwarden does not offer to generate it.

OK, I understand better now.

Have you tried one of the methods for enabling the TOTP authentication service in Bitwarden yet? Once it is setup, you should be able to generate codes.

Yes, I tried both methods. In any case, the field “authenticator key” in the login card was populated, but there was no new context menu item.



Generation of TOTP codes is a premium feature. Did you book premium?

More info here: Pricing for Individuals and Families | Bitwarden