Too many duplicates are created by bitwarden

I am finding that bitwarden is creating duplicates of my logins. So much so that I cannot rely on it.

Since the new update where it prompts to save a password even when logged out I have found that it is saving duplicates after login in, then I have to copy both passwords and usernames to check them and then realise what it has done and then delete it. I have so many passwords now that I really do not know what is a duplicate. This has made it unreliable.

What am I doing wrong? How can bitwarden stop creating duplicates?

Is there a way to get rid of them.

So it’s asking you to save a password when it’s locked but you already have that account in your vault?

If that is the case why are you not letting Bitwarden autofill the password for you? Are you remembering your passwords and manually entering them? It seems counter to what a password manager is meant for.

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So it’s asking you to save a password when it’s locked but you already have that account in your vault?


why are you not letting Bitwarden autofill the password for you?

Will that stop it prompting me to save the passwords when unlocked? How would it know that I have an account if the vault is locked? Chrome is also auto-filling passwords for me. Is there some conflict? should we not let chrome save passwords?

My main concern is duplicates.

I would keep Chrome from saving passwords and move any passwords in Chrome to Bitwarden, this is causing a lot your problems. Import Chrome Passwords Into Bitwarden - YouTube

Put everything in Bitwarden, it needs to be the one truth.

Before you log into a website, unlock Bitwarden and press the icon to fill the password. One trick is to hit the shortcut keys “ctrl + shift + L” to do autofill and if Bitwarden is locked it will open a new tab so you can enter your master password or PIN.

When Bitwarden is unlocked it will display a number on the extension telling you how many passwords you have for that site. If possible, don’t have Bitwarden lock so often. You can always turn on master password re-prompt for important accounts so you can have your vault stay open longer.


I would switch off Chrome passwords if I could rely on bitwarden, but its not stable in its prompting to save. Problem is its more likely to prompt for to save a password when I am unlocked. And the duplicates its creating is the reason for this post.

My issue now is that I do not want it unlocked all the time so I need a way to stop it prompting for passwords for every website I use.

Well this is happening to me also, I moved to Bitwarden because of LastPass one device rule. Bitwarden should never create a duplicate ever. How did LastPass handle this? I never got duplicates in LastPass or in KeePass, so someone needs to go back to the drawing board and fix it. At least come up with a way to search for duplicates and delete them. I have 3 or 4 of the same entry and I have to open everyone to ensure they are the same before deleting them.

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Do you have examples of specific sites where you see this happening?

Explanation of the Save prompt:
When you save an entry through the prompt, it looks for an entry that matches the URL and username, to determine if it is a new login entry or an existing one which needs updating.

Edit: This also happens when your vault was previously locked. The extension will prompt you to unlock your vault, which decrypts your entries on successful unlock. The now decrypted entries can now be searched like described above.

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Other Lastpass users have reported that the Lastpass export file contains lots of duplicates, so I am not sure this is Bitwarden’s fault. If you might consider manually removing them before import g to Bitwarden.

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This is still happening. Happens after unlocking. Thing is I do not always want it unlocked, but it still ask me to save continually if unlocked, so when I unlock it to just put an end to the “eternal save password notification” it saves a duplicate. Doubly annoying feature that still has no solution and from my experience of issues on GitHub Bit warden refuses to even acknowledge it as a n issue, but actually a feature. Joy!