TOIP within App not matching browser

I can’t seem to fix this so here I am.

I added a QR code TOIP token to the corresponding password in Bitwarden. On the web browser the verification code is matching Authy and is what it is supposed to be while the app version of Bitwarden is reporting a completely different wrong code. Anyone know why the app and browser are reporting different things?

The most likely thing is that you have a different secret stored somewhere.

If you have the same secret in several computers and several bits of software then the codes will be he same on all of them. They will all change at pretty much the same time (there may be a second or so between each change).

but what bitwarden is reporting on the web browser is different then it’s own app. I scanned the qr code on the mobile app, that’s it. I don’t know how it’s showing two different things on different platforms. I also used the same qr code that I had when I set it up because I always screenshot them and save them on my datashur pro thumbdrive as a backup incase I ever need to add them again to something.

Make sure to check your system time - the local app uses the time to generate the code.

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thanks for some reason even though my phones was on automatic date and time it still was off a min which I didn’t even notice but a reboot fixed it and everything is lined up now, thanks a bunch.

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Glad to hear that it is sorted.

I tend not to think of asking about checking the time as, a long time ago, I got my router to check the time once or twice a day (can’t remember which) with the UK pool of timeservers and all devices check the time with that at whatever their default interval is (unless it is ridiculously short, when I change it to something sensible (at least every six hours)).

well it was supposed to auto update the time. I guess since I rarely turn my phone off it was messing up somehow even though authy on the same device was unaffected