Tip for sites with different URLs

Here’s a rare issue which may help someone else. I don’t come across this often, but if a newbie wonders what to do, here ya go.

I was signing up with my dental insurance website. Turns out they have separate addresses from the main page and the member sign-in page. The sign in page creates a different session extension every time.

Ex: (main site) htt://www(dot)DentalInsCo(dot)com/
(sign-in) htt://pro(dot)dental.auth0(dot)com/login?state=hKFo2SBua1ZpV…

Therefore, Bitwarden could not identify the site to display the auto-fill info. Experienced users may know this already, but new users who are wondering, simply save the first part (htt://pro(dot)dental.auth0(dot)com) on the second line of the website url field and you’re good to go.

Hope this helps someone out there. Have a great day.

An easy way to deal with this type of situation (where Bitwarden isn’t matching to a site where it should be matching) is to search for and open the vault item that you want to use for the web form that you are on, then scroll down and click the Auto-fill & Save button. This will auto-fill the form right away, and also save the new URL in your vault so that the website will be recognized next time.

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thanks for the great tip
another new user

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