Timer for Sends after they are opened

I understand that Sends have an expiration and deletion date option, but I want to suggest another feature. Make it so there is an optional timer when creating a send that starts when someone opens it. Say I make a send and the timer is called “time allowed open.” If I set the time allowed open for a minute, a timer will display on the send screen for the recipient, and when the timer ends, the Send will close or display text saying the timer ran out, something like that.

Hello @TrafficJam
I think this would be a nice feature and hopefully something that isn’t too difficult to implement as we already have an expiration date and disable option for Send, so perhaps an expiration timer as you mentioned could be easily doable.

One method I use currently if needing to send something super confidential or that should have limited access to would be to set the Send max access count limit to 1. This would ensure your recipient gets your Send, opens the send, and cannot open it again afterwards without needing to contact you again and request access.

I, too, hope it’s easily doable. Fingers crossed that this post gets enough traction.