Timeout doesn't work!

I have my preferences set to lock after 15 minutes. In practice, Bitwarden locks at some random time that is at least 15 minutes. EG: I used it last night and this morning (10 hours later), it filled in my passwords without asking me to unlock :frowning: What am I doing wrong?

PS: Apologies if I have the wrong tags set. The forum demands at least 2 and I couldn’t understand any of those offered so I picked 2 at random)

Welcome to the forum! The timeout timer starts when you last interacted with the browser extension. Keeping a browser extension window open is also considered as an interaction, so most likely you had a pop-out window open somewhere in the background.

Thanks for your response :slight_smile:
I tried closing down Chrome completely and reopened with just one tab containing a password-protected page. I used BW to access it and then browsed away (to Facebook) in the same tab.

I left the system alone for 45 minutes and went again to the password-protected page. BW was willing to fill in the username and password without requiring my master password :frowning:

So I’m afraid that isn’t the answer :frowning:

Just to be sure, can you screenshot your browser extension timeout preferences? Should look like this:

Thanks, mine looks a bit different!

OK, that is the problem. You have set the preferences for your Web Vault app, but not for your browser extension app. Most of the settings are specific for each individual app installation, so the Web Vault settings will not carry over to your browser extension.

Open your browser extension, click the Settings icon (:gear:) at the bottom right, and you will see the screen that I had shown above.

Thanks. Unfortunately, I have Settings->Extensions->Bitwarden and then

I don’t have the display you have.

No, you went to the browser settings, not to the browser extension settings.

You have to open (launch) the Bitwarden extension. There should be a Bitwarden blue/white shield icon to the right of the browser’s address bar. You can click on that icon to open the extension popup window. Alternatively, you can use the keyboard shotrcut Ctrl+Shift+Y.

Assuming your vault is unlocked, you should see the following screen, where you can click the Settings icon at the bottom right:

Thanks! That fixed it. It’s a somewhat complex product that is easy to set up wrongly. I’ll use it but doubt I’ll recommend it to friends