This MUST have been asked before

I have just replaced my phone and I have 2FA on my account. When I try to login It asks for my Authentication which is no longer on my phone. I can log in from my browser and I have exported my vault. Do I need to start a new account? Is there any other way to get in. I’ve not got any recovery codes.

Hey Peter, if you’re able to login to the web vault and export, you should be able to update your 2FA as well, but please clarify otherwise.

No I can’t login to the web version only to the extension and I don’t think I can change the 2FA from there.

Ah, I see what you mean, if you don’t have your 2FA or recovery code, you’ll want to check out

An idea for later on might be to keep a copy of the 2FA recovery code in your vault, but under an unrecognizable name to anyone but you. Also might be wise to keep a copy of your master password in your vault also under an unrecognizable name.
So you can still regain access to your vault if there is a device still logged in.

Good luck with regaining access, and please remember to also make offline backup of everything.