There's a fake website that looks like bitwarden

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I was accessing the internet and I came across an ad that went straight to this page, stay tuned. Don’t click on this page and don’t put personal data, I found this page strange and I’m suspicious if it’s a test page or phishing.

There’s a fake website that looks like bitwarden: - if this page is not a test page, please remove it. This page seems to be fake, I don’t know if it’s a test page or if it’s a fake phishing page.

What can I do if I find a phishing page? how to proceed and not fall?

It looks like someone who is hosting their own instance of Vaultwarden (which is non-Bitwarden server software meant to look and operate just like Bitwarden). But that doesn’t make it nefarious. Lots of people host their own legitimate copy of Bitwarden:

To protect yourself from unknowingly entering your Bitwarden credentials into another site you must ONLY ever login to the official Bitwarden vault at I always inspect the URL before I login, even if I clicked on the Log In button on the Bitwarden home page.

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This part seems odd, if it is just a self-hosted Vaultwarden instance.

Besides from using the Bitwarden apps and extensions the only thing you actually can do to stay on the safe side is to use a bookmark to access

For more details see here:

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Oh well, maybe I need to fix my NGINX config to not redirect users to my Vaultwarden instance :saluting_face: