There Must Be A Way To Bulk Delete Folders?

Right? When I searched the forums I see a couple other people asking but no answers. That doesn’t bode well, but there MUST be a way right?

I imported from Lastpass a LONG time ago and it TRIPLICATED everything! I found the way to bulk delete all my password entries. But I’ve only found ways to delete folders one by one. With triplicated entries, it is taking FOREVER! Help me out here!

And yes, I’m another Lastpass refugee. Boy did they screw the pooch on this one! I went from very loyal user and advocate to active disengagement in one email.

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Hi @e5c4p3artist, Welcome to the Bitwarden community!

After going to my Bitwarden vault, I could not find any option to delete multiple folders. Unfortunately, deleting the folders one by one is the only option right now. However, there is already a feature request made, Recursively delete folders, which I think is what you want. You can vote for that, and hopefully it will get implemented soon!

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You can purge all the vault data. That will purge the folders. I know, it’s not intuitive but if you want to start over, this option works.

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