‘There are no items to list’. Apple Watch

I searched but cannot find info. I have a new Apple Watch series 8 on latest watch OS. When I open the BW app on the watch I can’t see any of the vault contents. All it says is ‘there are no items to list’. I have connected the iPhone BW app to my Apple Watch.

Have I missed something?

Hey @Aaron24 if you’ve recently purchased premium, try logging out and back in on your iPhone.

Hello I do not have premium. Does that mean the vault will not be available on my Apple Watch?

That is correct, https://bitwarden.com/help/apple-watch-totp/#using-the-apple-watch-to-access-totp-codes

Bitwarden Premium members or those with membership to a paid organization will now have an additional option for accessing time-based one-time passwords (TOTP) codes

This is to say that currently the apple watch app only supports TOTP codes being shown, which TOTP is a premium feature.

If the app should be expanded on in the future, say to expand on Passwordless Login options, which is a free feature this could possibly be available without the need for a premium membership.
Just that the current features available within the app are being worked as a new product.

Is my assessment here correct? :slightly_smiling_face: