The use of the browser extension

I want to use Bitwarden password manager on prem vault in combination with the browser extension.
Suppose we deploy the extension to the user. What action does the user have to do on first use?
In a enterprise environment users > 25000
With kind regards, Ben

Hi @Ben_Raben and welcome to the community :tada:

I can’t give you a definitive answer, as that will depend on your environment, needs, and preferences (user invite process, SCIM, SSO).

An overview of a deployment from the administrator’s perspective and from the user’s perspective.

To make it even easier for your users to connect to your self-hosted instance, you can pre-configure the clients. More information can be found here.

I hope this helps to get a rough overview. The Bitwarden help center is a great resource, but if any further questions arise, please feel free to get in touch with the team via Get in Touch | Bitwarden

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Hi Daniel,
Our security department conciders the option Export password as a security issue.
Is there a possiblity to disable this option in the Free version?
Thank you very much!
With kind regards, Ben Raben

Hi @Ben_Raben,

There are two ways of managing this.

The first is through member roles and permissions which limits the members of organizations, what they can access.

The other is through Enterprise policies which enforce certain settings or disable product functionality.

In the case you mentioned, you would likely want to use the “Remove individual vault export”-policy.

Those features are only available on paid plans.
A comparison of the plans can be found on Bitwarden’s pricing page

For more detailed questions, I’d ask you to please get in touch with the Bitwarden sales team.
They will be happy to help you and provide detailed answers to any questions or concerns you and your team might have.

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