The form is not auto-filled

Hi there,

I am currently having a problem with one site not automatically entering my email address and password.

Site: YCS - partner extranet

Chrome: 121.0.6167.184
Bitwarden: 2024.2.0

It looks very simple as only the fields “email” and “password” are used, but they are not auto-filled and even using custom fields did not help.
It did not work correctly in Chrome and Firefox, but in iOS (Chrome+Bitwarden) the autofill works fine.

They have a form that you can fill out to submit sites that aren’t working correctly. However, I’ve yet to have any of the ones I’ve submitted corrected.


Thanks for the reply.
Can you tell me where to find the form to report the URL?
I would like to send it there and see the situation.

I am having issue with Agoda as well.