The default account in the browser extension

There are several accounts in the browser extension, one is shared and the other is personal. When you restart the browser, the active account is the last one, which is not always convenient. You need to allow specifying the active account by default after restarting the browser!

What does this mean? Bitwarden does not have “shared” accounts.

That’s how the translator translated it. I mean a shared account, an account for a group of people, and there is also a personal account. Therefore, it is advisable to have a default account when the browser is restarted.

And what’s wrong with having an account for several people, for example, in a family?

It is against the terms of service:

One person or legal entity may maintain no more than one free account.

Your login may only be used by one person — i.e., a single login may not be shared by multiple people.

The official solution is to purchase a family plan and to use an organization.

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Okay, but if there are multiple accounts, then there should be a default account! Is it difficult to make this option? You can specify which account will be the default. And if there are 3 or more? You don’t need a default account?

All changes to the Bitwarden codebase require resources for research & development, as well as testing and quality assurance. When it comes to new feature requests, Bitwarden considers the number of votes from the community when deciding which new initiatives to prioritize.

My compliments to all Bitwarden developers! Great app and service! ,:star_struck::muscle::clap::+1:

Are you referring to a shared computer, used by multiple people? If so, you may want to look into either giving each person a separate computer account (best) or using Browser user-profiles to at least keep their web usage separate.

In either scenario, each user would have a separate copy of the Bitwarden extension, logged into their own vault. Added bonus, each person gets their own browser history and bookmarks.

I know all this, it’s not convenient. I made the default user and forgot. You need to connect to your account, perform the necessary operations and close the browser. In general, as a suggestion, as a useful idea.