Team subscription but Emergence Access feature is inaccessible

Hi all.

I have a “Teams Organization” subscription, my user is the owner of it, but the Emergency Access feature is disabled. The button is visible but seems to be disabled. Page Emergency Access | Bitwarden Help & Support says that members of paid organizations have access to it:

Establishing Emergency Access to a Vault is available for Premium users, including members of Paid Organizations (Families, Teams, or Enterprise), but anyone with a Bitwarden account can be designated as a trusted emergency contact (i.e. your trusted emergency contacts do not need to have Premium).

So any help to get this fixed is appreciated.


You should get in touch with the bitwarden team @ Contact | Bitwarden

I have spoken to them. It seems they changed the subscription plans last year. I am on an older plan which prevents me from getting new features. So I have to switch to another paid business plan which is 2,4 times the current price.