Synology item shows Google icon

have premium account. Using Chrome addon and desktop app (win11). For about 3-4 months I have wrong icon in my Synology item. There is google icon.

I read somewhere icons are pulled automatically after some time.
As I wrote, have wrong icon for about 3-4 months.
URL is right (
Any idea what can I do or any fix please?
Thank you.

Does your domain webserver have a favicon.ico file stored in its root directory?

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Yes of course. Checked source of synology DSM. Every link works.

<link rel="apple-touch-icon" href="" />

<link rel="mask-icon" href="" color="#0086E5" />

<link rel="icon" href="" />

<link rel="icon" href="" sizes="96x96"/>

<link rel="icon" href="" sizes="64x64"/>

<link rel="icon" href="" sizes="48x48"/>

<link rel="icon" href="" sizes="32x32"/>

<link rel="icon" href="" sizes="16x16"/>