Synology Docker - What's the right registry/image?


I’d like to host bitwarden on my Synology NAS via Docker. However, after searching this forum and the internet I’m a bit confused as to which registry/image I should be using.

I’ve tried “bitwarden/server:latest”, but on running nothing appears to happen. Is this the correct container?

I’ve also seen “vaultwarden”, “bitwardens/server” which appears to be deprecated and “bitwarden/self-host”.

Can someone point me towards the on I should use?

Many Thanks

Hello @Lockie - welcome to the Bitwarden community forums.

Are you trying to install with the Synology Package Center? If so, I don’t think there is a Bitwarden-supported image available. You may come across others claiming to be Bitwarden (e.g., bitwarden_rs) but be very careful - there are a lot of Bitwarden look-alikes and imposters out there that are neither supported nor distributed by Bitwarden, even if they look exactly like Bitwarden. For me, that sends up all kinds of red flags.

Hey @dh024, not via the Package Centre no, via Docker on my Synology NAS. Here is a list of images I get when I simply search bitwarden:

Sorry - I should have clued in that you meant the Docker Hub. You want to look for images that are officially distributed by Bitwarden to avoid the imposters. I believe you want the bitwarden/self-host image for the unified container. Or, if your Synology appliance is x86-64 based (not ARM), you could also install the standard Bitwarden server (which installs as a stack of Docker containers), which I believe is bitwarden/setup.

Humm I can’t seem to get it working. I noticed it’s in beta, so perhaps its better if I wait until this is more estabilished. I’m currently with LastPass and I’m interesting in storing my passwords now in a local server as I feel I cn trust that more than the alternative. As a result I was hoping to use this solution.