Syncing mobil app and desktop

My mobile app is not syncing with the desktop app. What am I missing? Phone is Galaxy A20, laptop is macOS. Initially added one “Login” item on desktop. When I opened mobil app it was there as well. Added two more items and have “synced” multiple times but they have failed to show up in mobil app.

Hi Evan - it sounds like the mobile app is syncing to the cloud, but not your desktop app. You can sync the desktop app by going to File → Sync Vault in the menu if that ever happens - normally, the clients sync to the vault automatically within about one minute of a change.

David, I’ve performed this from both the desktop and mobil app. The desktop gives be a “successful” message. the mobil app tries but eventually I get “Sync failed”. It shows me a time stamp of the last sync as 12/14/2021 9:16am. I have “sync on refresh” enabled. I have tried with bluetooth both on and off.

Strange. I can only suggest two things:

  1. Be sure that the time setting on both devices is accurate.

  2. If you are working on a home wifi system, try disabling IPv6 on the system.

Hope you get it working! :crossed_fingers:

Try a different network (WLAN vs. mobile network).

Maybe that worked. Happened to be at the local library and signed into their wifi. Mobil app appears now to be in sync with desktop. I’ll experiment further.