Syncing IOS and Macos doesn't happen

I have imported all my data from my now discarded disfunctional password manager onto my desktop.
Worked like a charm however that data refuses to sync with my iPhone
On IOS … settings > sync > sync vault now doesn’t actually sync with my desktop at all.
Same user/pass for both

What am I missing?

Hello there !

Are you using a self hosted instance or the default one ?
Check your web vault to see where the sync issue happens.
If your data is present on the web vault, then the issue is between your phone and the server. Otherwise, it’s between your computer and the server.

Am using the default hosting.
Lots more digging/checking
I use browser plugins, ios app and web vault
Web vault and ios app are in sync (eg 3 secure notes)
Browser plugin shows a completely different view (eg 25 secure notes)
So what am I getting wrong here?
How do I get them all together without loosing data?
---- edit ----
Is this because I am not using an organization?

Nope, as a single user you don’t have to create any organization.

What happens when you create an item in the web vault ? In the iOS app ? In the browser extension ?
Does anything sync with anything else ? From what you said, I’d expect that creating an item in iOS or the web vault would sync with the other but creating an item in the browser extension wouldn’t sync anywhere.

Maybe try to log out / log back in the browser extension ?

You should also maybe contact [email protected] so that they can have a look.