Syncing for Team Accounts?

Hi all,
QQ… i currently use Bitwarden for my personal use and everything is great. I’d like to use it in our office, and I’m thinking a team account is the way to go. We have 3 people in the office, 3 computers and 3 mobile devices. Basically, we need to make sure that passwords which are updated on 1 person’s computer or device, sync to all others because some of the vendor sites we utilize, we all login with the same account. So if I update the password, the other team members need to be able to have that same update.

Is that the case with team accounts or do the passwords not update between users?

It should all update at once the same as personal stuff. That is the experience I have with the shared items with my wife.

do we need to put those items we want updated across the board, in a shared folder? or will all folders and sync and update when someone changes a login for an entry?


Apparently my notifications are off… oops.
Anything that is shared will be synced to those groups/share locations. You create an organization with shared collections and everything in it syncs with everyone authorized to see them. If it isn’t in a shared location, then it is only synced for the owner of that folder.

I guess more succinctly, everything is synced everywhere, but you only can see what is shared with you by an organization.