Syncing failure on MacOS

I’m having trouble troubleshooting a sync issue with Bitwarden’s desktop application on macOS. I have a personal Bitwarden account and a self-hosted account through my job. Everything syncs seamlessly across all my devices and both accounts except for my work account (self hosted), and only on the desktop app. Every time I attempt to manually sync, I get a “syncing failed” error. I have logged out and logged back in, countless times. I’ve completely removed the application and all cached files then reinstalled, but still no luck. I’ve tested it on multiple devices and am only encountering the issue on my work MacBook pro. My personal account syncs just fine on the device, but the self hosted account does not, however it does sync on the browser extension on the same machine. It’s been over a week of troubleshooting at this point and now I’m just desperate for any new suggestions.

I have also recently discovered that creating a new vault entry in the desktop app and manually syncing in the browser extension does in fact sync, but only in one direction.