Syncing Failed / Mismatched Timestamps may be the issue?

Just left LastPass and had no problem importing vault to Bitwarden on my desktop. But, other than syncing “folders” I have had no success syncing vault items to my iphone XR. I get the error “syncing failed”.

How do I confirm a timestamp mismatch? And how do I match “mismatched timestamps”?

Do you have a VPN set up on your iPhone? If so, try temporarily disabling it and manually syncing Bitwarden.

I do not… but thanks for a great heads-up.

What happens if you login to Bitwarden with your browser on both your desktop and your iPhone?

Hey @Kumengo did you try reinstalling or logging out and back in? What is your iOS version number, what is the Bitwarden app version number?

I couldn’t replicate this on an XR, but feel free to connect with the official support team at if you don’t get the answer here.

I’m brand new to Bitwarden and humbly submit my steps for review:

01- I originally exported LastPass.csv file for importation. I was successful after removing a few files that were too large.
02- For the purposes here I disabled all extensions in Firefox (ver 108.0.2 (64-bit)).
03- I then deleted the Bitwarden App on iphone XR (iOS version 16.2)
04- powered off/rebooted iphone
05- On the desktop (Windows 10 (ver 21H2, OS build 19044.2364) using Firefox, I logged into the Bitwarden Web vault successfully, all vault FOLDERS & TYPES showing/working.
06- On the desktop I logged into Bitwarden App (ver 2022.12.0) successfully, all vault FOLDERS & TYPES showing/working.
07- On the iphone I launched Safari and logged into the Bitwarden Web vault successfully, all vault FOLDERS & TYPES showing/working.
08- I re-downloaded and installed the Bitwarden App, logged in and “allowed” push notifications. Screen says “There are no items in your vault.”
09- In the Bitwarden App I selected “settings”, “folders” and all the folders are shown (nice to see).
10- On the iphone I went to “Settings”, “Passwords”, “Password Options”,turned on “AutoFill Passwords” & selected “Bitwarden”.
11- In the Bitwarden App, “Settings” (lower right hand corner of screen), “App extension” & selected “Bitwarden” and the app opened a window saying “Extension activated”.
12- In the Bitwarden app I went to “Settings”, “Sync”, turned on “Allow sync on refresh”. Screen showed the “Sync vault now” button and underneath said “Last sync: Never”
13- I selected the “Sync vault now” button, “Syncing” message showed for about 5 seconds and then returned “Syncing failed”.

All thoughts welcome.

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Thanks for the info, are you self-hosting? You may want to connect with the support team above if you don’t get a reply here.

I am NOT self-hosting and I did forward the above to the support team. Thanks for your assistance & suggestions.

I’m happy to report that the first response from support suggested that I delete everything in my “Trash”, which solved the problem! Multiple import attempts resulting from excessively large “files” exisitng in the vault at the time of import resulted in duplications of all vault items previously imported sucessfully. I had promptly moved them to the trash but did not permanently delete the trash.