Syncing API Key for Forwarded email alias services across browsers/devices

Hello all! :wave:

Lastpass refugee here. So far I generally love Bitwarden, and the ability to generate email aliases using third-party services is fantastic.

A minor issue I’ve noticed is that so far the only way I see to configure the API key for email forwarding services is to:

  1. Save it in a secure note
  2. Paste it manually in each new browser with the Bitwarden extension

I also noticed the feature is not available yet for DuckDuckGo in the iOS app, but I assume this is on the roadmap.

Is there a way to synchronize the API Key for such services across all the browsers and supported devices I use?

Thanks for the feedback, and welcome to the forums! There is an open feature request for this one: Sync email alias API token across clients DDG has yet to come to mobile, thanks for your patience!

Thanks for the reply @bw-admin and the pointer! I added my vote to the FR.

Forgive me for asking what might seem like a dumb question - why do you need DDG installed for use the API key? Is the API unavailable for public use?

You need to do this because DDG tied their email masking service to their browser extension.

As soon as you get the API key you might just uninstall the duck extension.

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