Syncing API Key for Forwarded email alias services across browsers/devices

Hello all! :wave:

Lastpass refugee here. So far I generally love Bitwarden, and the ability to generate email aliases using third-party services is fantastic.

A minor issue I’ve noticed is that so far the only way I see to configure the API key for email forwarding services is to:

  1. Save it in a secure note
  2. Paste it manually in each new browser with the Bitwarden extension

I also noticed the feature is not available yet for DuckDuckGo in the iOS app, but I assume this is on the roadmap.

Is there a way to synchronize the API Key for such services across all the browsers and supported devices I use?

Thanks for the feedback, and welcome to the forums! There is an open feature request for this one: Sync email alias API token across clients DDG has yet to come to mobile, thanks for your patience!

Thanks for the reply @bw-admin and the pointer! I added my vote to the FR.

Forgive me for asking what might seem like a dumb question - why do you need DDG installed for use the API key? Is the API unavailable for public use?