Synchronize Bitwarden from autofill search mask

There is a not uncommon usecase that would profit from this:

A Bitwarden User decides to register for a service. This service has both a web-frontend and an app. Now, the user registers in the web-frontend and saves their credentials in Bitwarden by using the browser extension. Afterwards, the user wants to login to the app. They try to autofill and search for their newly added credentials.

Problem is, autofill does not work, as Bitwarden on the phone has not yet synchronized. Only solution is to open a new instance of Bitwarden on the phone (different from the autofill-instance) and let Bitwarden synchronize in this instance. Then, switch back to the app, where Autofill does work.

Suggested change:

Add the possibility to synchronize Bitwarden to the autofill search mask. This could be a button in the top right, the bottom, wherever it does seem fitting. It would enable the user to use their freshly stored credentials right away. It would not impact security, as the synchronization would only be possible after the user logged in.