Synch problem on Mac with Firefox and Chrome

I’m using Mac OS and iPhone, iPad. Lately my Bitwarden on Firefox and Chrome on MacBook Pro won’t synch with my iPhone. I’ve tried to use Synch Vault Now command, but it has failed on both browsers. It does work on Safari though! I have also tried to close and re-open the browsers, logout and login to Bitwarden with no avail. Bitwarden extensions are up-to-date.

I’m having a similar issue. I’m on a MacBook, though my phone is an Android (Pixel 6, stock). My vault on both Android and the macOS desktop app are current, but my vault on Firefox and Vivaldi (a Chrome fork) last updated on 12/15 and say “Syncing failed” when I try to sync the vault. I recently noticed this because Spotify made me update my password due to “suspicious activity,” which I did on 12/14. Both browser add-ons say they last updated on 12/15, but neither has that new password. (Something to note: I am running a VPN nearly all the time on both devices.)

On Firefox, I just logged out and then back in with my master password. That vault is now up-to-date. I then added a vault entry (using my Android app) as a test, which shows up on both Vivaldi and Firefox. Vivaldi’s vault still contains the previous Spotify password, though the current Spotify password is available now on macOS desktop app, Pixel 6 app, and Firefox.

I just changed my Spotify password, which has now synced across all apps and add-ons (even Vivaldi, which now is the outlier). Firefox now syncs successfully when I click “Sync vault now” in the add-on, but Vivaldi still reports the last sync as 12/15 and throws a “Syncing failed” error.

I just tried locking my Firefox add-on vault and then unlocking using Touch ID. Before unlocking, I updated the test entry I made earlier using my Android app. All vaults report the updated test item and Spotify passwords. Firefox still syncs successfully, Vivaldi still reports failure to sync.

The last step was that I logged out and back in to Bitwarden in Vivaldi using my master password, which seems to have fixed the Firefox and Vivaldi add-ons completely. Before doing this, I disabled my VPN and tried to sync one last time (in Vivaldi), which still failed. I thought the VPN may have caused an issue, but it doesn’t look like that’s the case.

All vaults report syncing properly, both macOS and Android apps, as well as the Firefox and Vivaldi add-ons. If I notice anything in the future, I’ll do some further testing.

Thank you Tony. It really helped and everything is synchronized now.