Sync email alias API token across clients

Feature name

  • Save Username Generator API tokens as a setting of account

Feature function

  • Currently you need to generate API tokens and paste them into every instance of Bitwarden including browser extenstions, it’s not user friendly at all.
  • It’s more optimal to save and bind tokens at Bitwarden server side and request usernames via Bitwarden API using saved user’s token.
  • In future you could use OAuth2 to obtain token even more user friendly: User click in Bitwarden settings “Auth with Fastmail” and grants Bitwarden a permission to generate tokens.

Share forwarded email alias API keys to mobile app
I tried desktop to mobile and it doesn’t share

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Also Fastmail API allows you to generate email specifically for exact domain. It brings many small, but useful features. I wrote own Telegram bot to generate Fastmail masked emails, now it looks like this in the Fastmail interface:

  1. It has nice site prefix
  2. It’s showed by which app this masked email was created

It’s also showed as single dedicated official integration with Fastmail:

Hope Bitwarden devs will improve their integration.