Switch off "New Device Login" notifications?

How can I shut off these continuous email notifications about “Your Bitwarden account was just logged into from a new device”? The notification email is sent repeatedly even though the device is Firefox on Windows 10 and the IP Address is exactly the same.
The message includes an info line: “You can deauthorize all devices that have access to your account from the web vault under Settings → My Account → Deauthorize Sessions.” which has zero meaning, because I do NOT wish to deauthorize this browser or IP Address.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Do you delete cookies automatically whenever you close your browser? Or do you only use the incognito mode?
If “yes” then you have found the reason why Bitwarden is convinced that you are on a new device whenever you log in.

The IP-address is of no interest for this. Bitwarden would have to store this information to realize that it is again “you”. I would consider this a huge security issue.

OK. Thanks.
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The explanation of how cookie persistence triggers Bitwarden is great background information.

However, I’ll second the original question of how we can manage (e.g., opt-out) the notification emails altogether.