Switch from Google Analytics to Piwik/Matomo

Switch from Google Analytics to Open Source Analytics, Piwik/Matomo.

I think many people would prefer to see their tracking data go to BitWarden then to Google.

@kspearrin Any update on getting away from Google?

At the least, how about an option the user can select to disable bitwarden sending data to Google Analytics servers? Opting-in to analytics is, of course, the more transparent solution…

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Well, it’s been about another year, so I think it’s fair to ping again on this. Any progress?

Please do note that only https://bitwarden.com uses Google Analytics. The web vault
https://vault.bitwarden.com does not use any analytics.

Thanks. Does the browser extension use any analytics at all?

Nope - none in the browser extension :sunglasses:


Thank you Trey!

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This, though I’d still like Google to not know everything (which includes visiting the front page of Bitwarden).

If you scroll down to the footer, there is an option called Cookie Settings
You can disable the analytics there.

Doesn’t Mozilla Firefox’s ETP already block analytics trackers? I think uBlock also does it by default.

Yes! We want our data to stay with Bitwarden, not Google.

Here is a very similar Feature Request: Matomo analytics swapped for google

I know that I can block Google Analytics by either using Adguard DNS, uBlock Origin or Firefox’s built-in tracker blocker, but I personally think that the Google Analytics shouldn’t be there to begin with. Google has been heavily criticized for abusing users’ data,[1][2] and there have been posts specifically about Google Analytics themselves.[3][4][5]

It’s just my personal thoughts. I love Bitwarden and I support it fully. I still would love to see Google Analytics removed from the website!

P.S. Apparently the forums only lets you provide two links per comment when you are a new user, so here are all the sources: TheEvilSkeleton | Paste: Bitwarden