Support world's most popular global messenger apps

Just the other day I was checking

and realized that Bitwarden can’t deal with these one single bit. Imagine that, an app with 1 billion users, and Bitwarden doesn’t have it an inkling of how to remember its password. Yes that’s right, I tested it with, oh, the number two item on that list.

So my feature request is that the Bitwarden staff should go down the list of the world’s most popular global messenger apps, and make sure that Bitwarden works with them.

No, please don’t tell me to e. g.,

please file individual requests for each app that is bothering you.

What do you mean by this? Surely, you can create a vault item that stores a username and password for this app?

Is the actual problem you are experiencing just an auto-fill issue?

All I know is Bitwarden is totally unaware of the app’s presence.

Thus when creating a vault item, or later looking it up, all must be done completely manually.

All I know is of the two apps I tried, no matter on a cell phone, or in their Chrome desktop extension, one might as well use a pen and pad of paper.

Often times, I have found that specific troubleshooting details results in a faster, better, and more complete response than complaining with broad strokes.

I realize you do not want to file a proper auto-fill failure report, but if you change your mind, the form is located here.

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Well that form is out of date: no Android or IOS, and most users couldn’t tell you the URL of a phone app.

Anyway, just start with the ones shown in the link: ones with over half a billion users.

The report form for auto-fill failures on the mobile apps is here:


Please share a URL to the login page if you want assistance with this.

The apps have login pages, but these pages do not have urls.

One is called the WeChat app. The other one is called the LINE app.

You mentioned a Chrome extension at some point, so there would have been an associated URL, no?

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Nope, there’s no way you can get Bitwarden to help you type in the password into this one!

In fact I tried it on both real desktops, and also inside this:

Okay and now regarding the second app that Bitwarden couldn’t deal with, it’s

on Android. Yup, a billion people.

Bitwarden can definitely match this URI, but it appears that the particular login form used by that extension cannot be auto-filled. Thus, this would be something you could report using the standard auto-fill failure report form:

You can confirm that there is a successful URI match by right-clicking in the extension window and selecting Bitwarden > Autofill login from the context menu (you should see the matching vault entry there).

So, your phone is Android. That is a new detail. This seemingly related detail cropped up over on r/Bitwarden.

It is not an issue specific to Bitwarden. The problem is that the underlying programming APIs …

… are “opt in”. This means that applications must be written (or rewritten and re-released) to allow autofill to work.

There are indeed some things you can do to make autofill umm, better…

Read-on at reddit for complete details instead of a paraphrase.

Today on Desktop, I see

And as a matter of fact, no matter how much I click in to those menus (which look OK despite the screenshot having them blacked out) and fill in and save the items into the Bitwarden vault, they don’t actually get saved, and of course there is no way to use items that don’t get saved.

As far as reporting the site via the Form. I have many times, but there of course is no URL I can show you to prove it.

Hmm, maybe Bitwarden in such cases should warn the user “I can’t deal with that site. So don’t bother filling in details that cannot be used.” (Or even thrown away, as in the case above with LINE on Desktop.)

Hi Dan,

You may find this document helpful when it comes to setting URIs for your login items that are apps instead of websites.

If you have specific urls that are not working, please do use the forms that other community members have suggested. I assure you, Bitwarden does look at these reports to identify trends and resolve specific issues!