Support random word separator for passphrases

I’m really glad BitWarden now supports generating passphrases but there are a few small tweaks to the options that could make passphrase generation easier and/or stronger.

It would be nice if you could configure BW to automatically choose a random non-alpha character as the word separator, rather than having to manually change it.

Also, it’s great that you can Include Number, but ideally the number could be placed randomly, not just at the end of words.

Likewise, it would be good if there was an Include Capital option that also included a randomly placed randomly chosen capital letter. I know there’s Capitalize but that introduces word_count capital letters in predictable postions, that’s word_count extra keystrokes for one password variation a cracker has to test instead of two keystrokes to add password_length x 26 variations.

Lastly it would be good to have an Include Punctuation option that injected a punctuation character at a random position. This adds complexity and would also workaround the case where the randomly chosen word separator was a number and the website required at least one punctuation character.

I was thinking something similar. Number is pretty good because the word that has a number changes. However, capitalization is always predictably the first letter of every word. It would be nice if there was an option where only some of the words were capitalized. Or even better, where a random letter in the word was capitalized.