Support Internet Explorer


Still many sites that need Internet Explorer


Are you referring to a browser extension/addon? Or does not work in Internet Explorer?

Assuming the former, this doesn’t seem like a good use of resources considering that Microsoft has ended development outside of security updates and some bug fixes.

FAQ: Will Internet Explorer 11 continue to receive updates?
The latest features and platform updates will only be available in Microsoft Edge. We will continue to deliver security updates to Internet Explorer 11 through its supported lifespan. To ensure consistent behavior across Windows versions, we will evaluate Internet Explorer 11 bugs for servicing on a case by case basis.


What sites need Internet Explorer, and why?


IE is currently the only browser with the option to “view in File Explorer” for OneDrive and SharePoint sites.


Internet Explorer is dead.


Starnik is a specialized billing SAAS my company uses. It requires IE because the framework it was written on makes heavy use of showModalDialog(). When I ask, the authors tell me they have no plans to address this issue.